Where Growth Meets Networking

KADO is a smart networking solution that helps professionals build meaningful relationships that turn into deals.

Close more deals

With KADO, Deal Makers reduce time spent on contact management by more than 30%

The only business card you’ll need

Paper business cards are in the past. With KADO, you can create and personalize your own digital business card: save time, money and make a statement by showing your prospects that you are up-to-date with the latest technological trends.

Keep all your contacts together

Contacts scattered across sources? Relationships falling through the cracks? With KADO, sync all your contacts from different sources, including Google, Outlook and your CRM, into one easy-to-use interface.

Take notes on the go

Keep track of your contacts and events by easily recording, organizing and sharing your notes without leaving the app.

Care for your Relationships

KADO syncs and centralizes all your emails, meetings and notes, helping you to stay on top of your networking list.

Stay LinkedIn ready

Enhance your networking experience by viewing critical LinkedIn info in the KADO app.

Control your privacy settings

With KADO, your contacts and notes are as private as you chose them to be. Keep any confidential notes private and only share the need-to-know information with your colleagues.