KADO Makes Networking Easy and Efficient

Digital Business Cards

Branded and beautiful business cards that make a strong impression

Contact Management and Scanner

Import, scan and view your important business contacts on all your devices

Note & Event Tracking

Record notes and events, easily retrieve them and always be up to date

Privacy & Access Management

Keep private what is confidential and share what is necessary

Customized Digital Business Card and Scanner

  • Easy customization: colors, logo, photo
  • Speed network and easily share contact details through QR or link
  • The greener alternative
  • Import and scan cards to create contacts instantly
  • Engage and connect with other KADO users
digital business card, card scanner and contact QR code
record and view notes and interactions on your phone and desktop

Add your Notes and Interactions On-the-go

  • Easily record notes and interactions (mails, meetings, calls), keeping highlights and attendees
  • Retrieve notes by time: no notebook to lose
  • Advanced search options of all your clients based on tags, content, names, company name and more.

Maintain Privacy

  • Record highly confidential and personal information in a safe manner
  • Keep some notes private while others are shared with colleagues, so that they are aware of need-to-know info
  • Record retention: Information is stored even if an employee leaves the firm
screen to share notes and interactions with team or other company members

A True Enterprise App

  • Card design and activity is centrally managed, ensuring true employee representation
  • Manage titles and hierarchies
  • Organize employees by offices and teams for improved note sharing
  • SaaS architecture: backed-up info accessible on demand
manage your users, create teams and edit your card design