Become the go-to broker with KADO

The real estate industry is competitive. Fiercely competitive.

Get an edge on your competitors and show smarter to your prospects with KADO digital business cards.

KADO enhances your versatility with attractive business cards and smart contact management features that enable you to excel on the go.

real estate digital business card
mobile screens with note and interaction management for real estate

Build and manage better your vast client network

Information gathering and management is essential to cultivate your business contact network.

KADO centralizes critical information including your private and team contacts, notes and interactions on all your devices.

KADO is multi-team ready

Today's Real Estate firm is organized in teams for better productivity and client support. Sharing of contacts and information is critical for success.

KADO allows you to control the access to contacts, notes and information on a per team basis.

administrator team management screen