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COVID has rushed us into the ultimate digital era, the heyday of Zoom and videoconferencing, the flagship of the shirt and underpants fashion. Large institutions with astronomic amounts of money budgeted on client luring may be rubbing their hands as their relationship costs fall sharply. But few have considered how our client relationships may be impacted.

In March 2020, waves of people were confined to their homes, the daily commute transformed to trips between the bed, the couch and the dining table, and our whole existence relied on Zoom. What seemed sort of exciting, has ended up turning into a monotone routine with many of your employees disengaging and going on full blackout mode.

The old school conference room meeting, with the suited-up bankers handing over their boned-colored, Silian Grail lettering business cards, aimed to generate a feeling of security and trust. Unfortunately, your client is now deemed to join a VC with a director, a VP, some associate and probably several analysts, half with black screens, the other half on an eternal casual Friday gear. The call ends and your client doesn't know who half of the joiners were, or who he spoke to. We could argue that this may be somehow troublesome for the Fortune 500 executive sitting at the other side of the screen.


That’s why with KADO we want to change the way we do business and re-humanize networking in an increasingly digital world, with our digital business cards and upgraded client network manager:

That’s why we at KADO Networks want to change the way we do business in an increasingly online world, with our digital business cards and upgraded client network manager:

  • Strengthen your digital branding and go paperless with our digital business cards
  • Gain your clients’ trust sharing your company’s attendees’ digital business cards
  • Collect and automatically record and update your clients’ information in our Platform
  • Manage your employees’ access to client information across your firm (maintain confidentiality between teams as needed). 

Adopt, adapt and innovate with KADO and increase your client satisfaction. Join us.