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8 Top Apps To Help You Help Corporate Leaders Save Time

May 19, 2021

 From communication to marketing, these apps make your job a little bit easier. Learn how to save time and give you more productivity in the office and at home!

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The Top Apps For Business Leaders

Business leaders in the 21st-century know how important it is to get things done in less time, because efficiency is the lifeblood of modern business professionals. The challenge is getting them done as quickly as society demands. It’s easy to become burned out as you rush to meet the needs of your fast-paced industry. 

A leader with no energy is no good to their employees or themselves. Fortunately, digital solutions are available to save time on tasks that typically eat away at professional productivity. 

Much like digital business cards have revolutionized networking, leadership apps have saved business professionals countless hours by offering time-saving solutions for basic tasks. 

There are many productivity apps to choose from, so it can be challenging to take the plunge and decide which best suits your leadership skills. Let’s look at why you need to add productivity apps to your routine and which ones are worth your time. 

Why Use Productivity Apps? 

Productivity software works to make your personal and professional tasks more accessible and more efficient. Sometimes they directly streamline the process, while other times, they make an indirect impact on productivity. 

The best leaders know there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Using mobile apps to streamline and simplify basic tasks is a great way to save time throughout the workday. 

Whatever your ambitions or professional goals, the right time-saving productivity apps will help you and your corporate leaders quickly reach deadlines and goals. 

Top Apps For Leadership Development 

There are thousands of products available on the Android and Apple app stores that claim to save you time, but which ones work? Take a look at some great apps that will help business leaders save time. 

  1. TEMI 

If you’re more of a talker than a writer, you need to check out TEMI. This app allows you to record yourself or any desired audio and transcribes it into text, which is then available for download as a WORD of PDF file. 

This app comes in handy when you want to record the audio of a webinar you attend or make a to-do list, but your hands are full with other tasks. 

While Temi is not free, it’s very reasonable for all it can accomplish. After your initial free audio recording, you can expect to pay 25 cents per audio minute. It’s a small price to pay to go directly from audio to shareable files. 

  1. Evernote

It’s easy for even the most organized business leaders to lose track of notes written down on paper or be unable to read something that was scribbled down in haste. 

Evernote is a beautiful answer to this business challenge. This app, available for free on any app store with some paid features, records, and saves essential notes from meetings. 

You can also create, edit, and share to-do lists from any connected device. This means you can make quick notes or lists on your iPhone and edit them on your iPad or iOS desktop device. 

This means you will never find yourself with a great business idea but no paper or pencil to jot it down.  

  1. Calendly

Arranging meeting times and dates is very time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. The meeting setup process requires multiple steps to determine availability for all parties involved and waiting time for each participant to see if they are free to attend. 

Calendly allows you to set your availability preferences ahead of time and then share it through a link in an email or directly to your website. Other involved parties can select a day and time that suits them as well. Once that step is complete, the meeting is automatically added to both of your calendars. 

This app will also send everyone reminder notifications to ensure maximum attendance. While there is a free version, the premium and pro packages come with small monthly fees worth the time efficiency Calendly offers. 

  1. Slack 

Part productivity app, part messaging app, Slack is a channel-based messaging platform that effectively collaborates with team members. Teams can connect their software tools and find the information they need to do their best work - all in a secure environment. 

Slack turns your organization into a “workspace” and divides it into “channels,” which are group chats dedicated to their members and topics. 

You can send messages, images, links, videos, and more throughout this channel. It’s designed to make communication between employees seamless and streamline the functions that email once dominated. Slack allows you to easily communicate within your workspace, saving time usually spent waiting for an email reply.

  1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formally known as G-Suite, is a well-known consumer product with multiple benefits for the business crowd.  This free app includes Sheets, Docs, Slides, Draw, and other business productivity and collaboration apps that are cloud-based and completely free. 

The beauty of Google Workspace is the ability to collaborate on documents in real-time from remote locations. This means that your team members can be working from home but all collaborating on a budget spreadsheet or meeting agenda document in real-time. 

Google Workspace files auto-save into your individual Google Drive, which means no more lost work. You can create team drives and designate a central location for important documents and files that are easily accessible to all team members, removing the time-eating task of downloading, sharing, and storing files. 

  1. LinkedIn 

This one may come as a surprise, but business leaders know that successful networking is challenging and time-consuming. LinkedIn is a free social media app that allows you access to a large pool of professionals to network with. 

Invest a bit of time revamping your LinkedIn Profile. Add keywords to your description and headline, share links to your latest work, and actively add people to your online network that you’ve met in real life with a personalized message. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many genuine connections you can make and new clients you can gain in a short period. And you can do it all during your lunch break. 


  1. FineScanner Pro 

Scanning apps are invaluable for turning important paper documents into shareable digital files. FineScanner Pro is an AI-powered mobile app that turns your smartphone into an all-purpose tool that scans, digitizes, saves, and formats to make paper documents sharable in an instant. 

Once you scan important documents, like contracts, paper business cards, and meeting notes, you can toss or file away the paper copy. If you need to access these documents quickly, you can now pull them on on your smartphone to view or share. 

  1. The Leadership Challenge 

Developing a personal leadership style is time-consuming, especially for busy business leaders. Fortunately, there’s a leadership training app that helps with personal development for leadership skills. 

Considered the best leadership app on the market, The Leadership Challenge gives you tangible actions to help you grow as a leader. The mobile app provides daily “take action” tasks to develop leadership skills during your free time. 

The Leadership Challenge also contains a personalized “My Action Plan” that tracks what activities you have completed. You can also share activities through email or social media with team members. 

Use Mobile Apps For Professional Time Management

When you have the latest technology in the palm of your hand, you can accomplish more in less time and connect on a deeper level with your team members. 

Twenty-first-century leaders use technology as a means to be more effective rather than a way to distract. Integrating this technology into your daily routines will not only save time but improve functionality and workflow within your organization. 


What is a digital business card? 

A digital business card is an easily shareable file that contains contact information, much like a paper business card. 

How can I build a personal network? 

Build your personal network by leveraging social media, asking for network advice, and maintaining a digital business card to share contact information easily. 

Should I use productivity apps? 

Yes, productivity apps help with time management, scheduling, and collaboration. 

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